Payday loans no gimmicks

Payday loan lending is a business as any other and so many companies resort to marketing gimmicks in order to attract as many customers as possible. However, in this particular line of business it seems even more unethical than in other industries as people turn to payday loans in times of financial hardship. Still, taking advantage of people in need seems to be one of the best business models for some companies. It is no wonder that people try to avoid payday lenders. Nevertheless, there are times in life when there is simply no other option. Then it is best to find a lender that uses no gimmicks and simple has a good payday loan offer.


Simple application with no documents & no fees

Online application should not require customers to send any documentation, or fax anything. This is one of the advantages of the Internet. If you are asked to fax something look closer at the lender’s credentials. What is more, some of the best online payday loan companies have representatives that make a phone call to the borrowers right after they have submitted the application. That ensures improved security and best customer service possible. More importantly, all details of the payday loan, such as repayment schedule and interest rates can be discussed with a real person.


Instant loans for bad credit

Almost every company operating online will claim that it runs no credit check and has a high approval rate. Although that may indeed be the case you should look for the fine print. It might tell you that customers with bad credit have to pay higher interest than those without it, or that a security is required. Best online lenders will tell you that although there is no credit check what they look at is the borrowers debt to income ratio. That is if the company representative claims that the borrower will be able to repay the loan on the next pay day and have enough money left for other expenses a loan will be granted.


Who can get a payday loan with no gimmicks

If a company claims that practically anybody can get a loan customers should be cautious. Although it is true that payday loan lenders have fewer regulations than banks they too are obliged by the law to have certain requirements towards their customers. And thus in order for a lender to be able to lend money the customers ought to be of legal age, have a fixed income (which does not necessarily have to come from employment) and have a bank account.